Beverley Nambozo NsengiyunvaA new Daily Nation article features Ugandan poet Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, the face one of the fastest-growing poetry foundations in Africa, the Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation. The article contains a conversation between Nambozo and Daily Nation reporter Gloria Mwaniga.

Nambozo discusses her literary crushes, fears, her own work, and favorite books, includingIndian-American neurosurgeon and writer Paul Kalanithi’s autobiography, whom she mentions when asked the most unforgettable character from a book. “Paul Kalanithi […] wrote his autobiography, When Breath Becomes Air, about his life as a brain surgeon, telling patients of their imminent deaths and guiding families on palliative care, until he too was diagnosed with cancer. He wrote about his struggles in the most breathtaking, deeply emotional and unforgettable way. I cried so hard after I read it,” Nambozo says.

Nambozo is the author of two collections, Unjumping and Me In Disobedience, the founder of the BN Prize, a member of FEMRITE, and a volunteer with the APBF’s African Poetry Library at the Ugandan Arts Trust Kinansanga, Kampala. She also co-curated, with Kwame Dawes, FUSION #11: SHOES at our partner journal, Prairie Schooner, a project that features new Ugandan poetry with work from the Prairie Schooner archives, responding to the theme of shoes.

Read the rest of the Daily Nation‘s interview with Nambozo:

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