Her Blue Body book cover

Brunel prize winner Warsan Shire has a new, limited-edition poetry pamphlet out now, available from London’s Spread the Word development agency. The collection is made up of poems written while Shire served as London’s first Young Poet Laureate.

From the website:

“Already blessed with a burgeoning reputation for the stunningly political yet sensual poems that made her début pamphlet, teaching my mother how to give birth, a global bestseller, during her laureateship Warsan lent her voice to its oft unheard or under-represented communities and spaces.

If the title appears to give a knowing nod to famed American womanist and poet Alice Walker’s Her Blue Body Everything We Know, it will come as no surprise that Her Blue Body stands as testament and witness, negotiating complexities of heritage, cultural sensitivity, sensuality, trauma and womanhood. Framed and ordered by a sequence of memorial poems, focused through the lens of Warsan Shire’s intimate and unflinching vision Her Blue Body marks the evolution of a poet blossoming under the public eye.”

Go here to purchase one of the only 191 pamphlets. And don’t forget, the Brunel Prize is taking submissions through the end of the month.

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